Off-Piste Provisions T-Shirt - Canvas

Unleash Your Wild Side - Adventure T-Shirts Gear up for some epic outdoor adventures with Off-Piste Provisions' brand new t-shirt collection. Designed for adventure runners, climbers, mountain bikers, skiers, and all those who crave excitement, these tees are your go-to for pushing your limits. PRODUCT DETAILS: Fit: No-nonsense regular fit Sizing: Unisex sizing, 'cause adventure knows no boundaries Neck: Crew neck Fabric: 100% combed cotton (marles 15% viscose) Features: Neck ribbing for that extra edge, side seamed to keep it tough, shoulder to shoulder tape for added durability, double needle hems for a strong finish IMPORTANT NOTES: Before you embark on your wild escapades, pay attention to these crucial points: Charcoal Color Variance: Our Charcoal colour option is as unpredictable as your next adrenaline rush. It might fade or show a hint of variance because, hey, life is never boring. Embrace the unpredictability and rock a tee that stands out from the crowd. Bleaching Potential: We won't sugarcoat it. Certain sunblocks or deodorants, especially when mixed with copious amounts of sun exposure and body sweat, can take their toll on the dye job of our Charcoal tees. Keep that in mind when selecting your tee color, especially if you plan to conquer the extreme. Live Full, Tread Light
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