We are a founding crew united by our appetite for the outdoors. A fervor for the elements, seeking out the remote corners of the world and unearthing adventure at every turn. But while we were hard at it, we saw our surrounds being thrashed. Our slopes, oceans, forests, and the very air we breathed suffering the consequences of human activity and the climate change that followed.

Pointing the finger only got us so far and a venture inwards had us asking what personal changes we could make. None more so than our founder Jade (right) who had been in the meat and dairy sector for twenty years. We came to the realisation that our biggest personal impact on climate change was through the greenhouse gas emissions of our food choices, with 37% of our country’s coming from livestock.

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We decided it was time to take the low impact, plant-based route (1kg of NZ beef has 15 x the GHG emissions as 1kg of legumes) and discovered countless people on the same journey. And while making efforts to curb climate change was satisfying, the one thing many of us plant-basers missed was the taste, texture and protein hit of animal products.

We teamed up with leading food scientists, sports nutritionists and chefs to fill the void. One year of trials, challenges, straight up faceplants and support from a collection of investors and government agencies later, we have crafted a range of plant-based meat products right here in New Zealand that will entice the most hardcore of carnivores, tick all the health-conscious boxes and provide the protein required for your daily adventure.

Join us for an epic ride as we look to play our part in creating a regenerative food system today that will serve us well into the future.

How your plant-based ‘meat’ snacks are made

Sure, they’re meat, gluten and soy free, but what’s actually in them and how are they made? We take the best bits from nature and integrate these wholesome ingredients with the latest food technology to create nutritious, protein-packed provisions with no BS.

  • Wholesome Ingredients

    We start with the most nutritious vegan ingredients from around the world, with the key component being organic pea protein from Canada. We are striving towards a clean label product using minimal ingredients that can be found in health stores - and that you can actually pronounce. We also look to source locally where possible and for what we can’t, we ensure they have international accreditations in food safety and increasingly so in sustainability.

  • Innovative Tech

    After combining the ingredients, we use our patent pending technology to effectively add water, shear force and heat to the mix to create fibres that mimic meat textures. It follows a similar logic as to when one kneads bread dough ingredients together, and the transformed, robust structure that results.

  • The Marinade

    We then marinade the ‘meat’ in our secret sauces, before dehydrating to ensure we get the big chew and long shelf life associated with traditional beef jerky and other ‘meat’ snacks. 

  • Protein, Packed

    Your plant protein is packed at our food grade plant at Callaghan Innovation's The Foodbowl, then sent out to your favourite stockists.

You put the clean, green provisions to good use

That 3pm office low, that post-fitness recoup, that school lunch bulk up or glove box saviour. Off-Piste Provisions are the go-to on the go, whether you’re at work, working out or exploring the big wide world.

Every smart snack makes a difference

Everytime you purchase a plant-based product over meat, you are reducing our livestock emissions and the effect that they have on our people, our planet and our chances of having a half-decent future. Choosing Off-Piste Provisions is one of the many small moves you can make each day and here is where you can see your combined impact each year. We are currently hard at it working on a pretty epic sustainability accreditation. Check back in soon for the intel.

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